Friday, August 12, 2011

mortgage counseling

In financial trouble? There's a wealth of programs that provide debt management and counseling; it appears to be a growing industry. These companies are staffed by nice, caring people who have very little power to actually help in a lot of cases.

Access to these programs is not hard to get. You can contact them on your own. Your state or local politicians, should you choose to inform them of your plight, can refer you to them, or write a letter to your mortgage holder — this is called Constituent Services, and they love doing it. It's really a last-ditch effort though, and in my experience only makes them feel like they are being useful, without actually being useful.

I don't want my state pols to feel satisfied, because they haven't accomplished anything really useful — and it distracts them from the larger problem — lack of real jobs, caused by their world trade and tax loophole policies. But I do want them to see the face of downhill mobility.

Without the ability of these counseling companies to offer you a meaningful source of income — a job — there really isn't a thing in the world they can offer with the exception of false hope. I've been down that road barefoot about a thousand miles already.

You know what would really help? Lets give the consumer credit folks the power to negotiate with the banksters to lower our mortgage balances to their true un-inflated levels. Their "loans" are not real money — understand how the fiat currency system works and you will understand this. Let's give them the power to find us jobs, even if they have to create them. I'd be happy to sweep streets or pick up litter for a living wage. It wouldn't have to be permanent. How about making the banksters part of the solution by encouraging mortgage forgiveness after a certain level of equity over value is reached?

While I'm on this utopian rant, let's end corporate overseas outsourcing for higher profits. Now. Let's throw the fucking criminal class of banksters and their paid-for politicians who brought us to this place in jail for life. Have I mentioned my anger today? I'm not the only one.

But hey, there's a bright side for me! Once I'm homeless, I'll qualify for even MORE social services, Section 8 housing vouchers, energy assistance, Medicaid, and full-on Welfare. Does this really make any sense as federal policy? Is it really smarter than ending "free" trade agreements, higher tax rates to corporations who don't hire US workers, higher import tariffs, and bringing back real opportunity?

I'd much rather just have a job.

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