Tuesday, August 9, 2011

look back at the original WPA

Anger is growing that the US government has not recreated some version of the WPA to help the millions and millions of unemployed workers — the rapidly growing poverty class. The US is in an economic death spiral due to greed and corruption at the top. The loss of these millions of jobs is directly due to corrupt and ill-advised "free trade" abominations like NAFTA among other travesties of "governing". Maybe if our politicians were not owned by the banksters and corporations things would be different.

The reality is that the wealthy are NOT producers. They don't create jobs. They should not be a protected class. They need to be taxed. Their corporations need to be taxed. They need to bring jobs back to US workers or be taxed into oblivion.

Immoral republication wealth-protectionism will have consequences — just keep cutting those social safety nets, boys. The nouveau-poor are a growing part of the population, have less and less to lose, and they are angry and starting to organize. Business as usual — that day is over.

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