Friday, June 17, 2011

great new solution for our economy!

I'm wondering today what's going to happen to the next wave of broke, 'unemployable' people in the 45 to 65 age range, particularly as the months go by without a single response to my job applications. 'Unemployable' because basically, companies are stupid, and think that anyone over the age of 35 is useless. Age discrimination does exist. If you're over 50 now and without work, forget about getting a job. It just isn't going to happen, in my experience. I won't give up trying, but I have completely given up hope – of ever being in a mainstream life again.

A lot of us have gone through all our savings, retirement accounts, 401k's just to "keep the house and keep going". We aren't old enough to draw social security or a pension, and we are at the end of our resources. Will there be rising rates of suicides? God knows I think about it every single day as I get closer to homeless.

Well, here's a super idea whose time has come — again: The Poor House. Yes, let's just take all those oldsters who can't pay their bills and drop them off at the Poor House or Farm. We can make them work, the lazy bastards! Let them grow organic arugula to sell to the insulated smug and clueless wealthy in exchange for their keep.