Monday, February 28, 2011


I feel like I'm in a constant, steady state of grief these days. So many people are in seriously frightening financial situations. So much of it could have been preventable by common-sense political policy, but corporate and political stupidity and greed keep it growing every day. Things aren't turning around, and they probably won't in my lifetime. See this photo essay on homelessness in the Seattle Times for just a little slice of life.

Jobs, yeah, it's that simple. It all comes down to JOBS. We can not continue to bleed jobs overseas. Our current economic/trade policies are morally and practically wrong and are destroying this country (as well as the lives of those who toil for low wages overseas).

[naive rhetorical question alert] Do politicians and wealthy corporate CEOs truly understand what it's like to not have work? Do they understand how demoralizing this is? Even putting aside the concrete aspects of not having regular income, do they really understand what this does to one's spirit and sense of self worth? Silly question, of course they don't give a damn about the rest of us. Obviously, looking for solutions from Washington has not been the answer. Looking for our corporate "leaders" to do the right thing and start hiring is pointless.

Tent cities, the real estate crash, Detroit, for god's sake. A drive late last night through downtown DC — just blocks from the White House — homeless folks camped out on the sidewalks all over. Nothing new of course, I just felt/hoped that with regime change, some things might have improved. They don't call me the optimist for nothing : )

I have $47 in the bank, utility shut off notices in today's mail and a mortgage due tomorrow. I, for one, am becoming radicalized by my personal situation as well as what I'm seeing around me.

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