Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Credit 'repair'

Here's a great offer from another predatory bank. I'm aghast at this, there is no other word. This is an offering for a credit card for folks with 'bad' credit. It will supposedly help them repair their credit rating, which is great, right? Then they can get back onto the American consumerist debt treadmill, provided they don't break their backs paying these incredible fees and 59.9% interest rates.

If you have 'bad credit', you really should think twice about this kind of 'repair'. The hard-sell of the 'necessity' of credit ratings needs some serious examination. When did we get conned into this? It really is possible to just opt out.

Rhetorical, but it needs asking — do we not have usury laws in this country? Can the people who dreamed up this enslavement plan actually sleep at night?

Personally, here on out, I'm not participating in any of this. I have a debit card, but I will never have a credit card again. It's a honey-coated trap, and I've fallen into it before. Never again.

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