Saturday, December 4, 2010

So. Where are the damn jobs, anyway?

I haven't yet found a practical answer to this. It's pointless to get mired in blaming former or current administrations, even though they clearly are to blame. I just want the dialog to move further, and I want to see some real solutions discussed.

I don't understand why the option of a new WPA has never come up. Isn't this what got Americans working during the last depression? Are we so hamstrung by obligations to special interests and corporations that we couldn't make this work? I'm disappointed that President Obama didn't immediately come out with this. But I suppose he knows a politically dangerous solution when he sees one.

The thing is, the fed stimulus money benefits a very small slice of the US workforce. Were we all supposed to go to work building roads? That was what everyone was talking about last year, but doesn't this really just benefit the large construction corporations? And what was all that about "green jobs"? Are we all supposed to retrain and retool to work in the "green sector"? 

We need jobs for the other 90% of workers, and we need them now. It's clear that the private sector is going to hold onto their profits. It's clear that the term "social justice" isn't in the corporate vocabulary. It's up to our elected officials to do something now, before major unrest from the unemployed begins.

Did we all like the Black Friday riots at the Big Boxes? Wait till you see the bread line riots.

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