Saturday, December 25, 2010

The NEED Act — Jobs Creation

A little something on the larger political sphere from progressive Dennis Kucinich, well worth the time to read.

It's a start, and a good one. I read it; I don't get it all, not having any background in ecomonics, but here are my comments and a couple of questions:

There are a lot of aging, disabled and unskilled workers who could not do hands-on heavy construction that seems to be implied as the lion's share of job creation here, so where would they fit in? Would job training be a part of this? Who would be overseeing the jobs creation, ie, doling out of the infrastructure money? Wouldn't this be rife with pork projects? Would that matter?

I can't really address the parts about the Federal Reserve as I just don't know enough to make an intelligent comment, so I'll sit back on that one, and try to educate myself before bloviating.

The big question is, realistically, can it be passed? Can anything positive and progressive ever make it through our government? Our political system seems to be totally in the grip of special interests (corporations), and I can see a lot of objections coming from them.

The US government might maybe be by the people, but it certainly isn't for the people. If something like this fails, what hope is left?

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