Sunday, May 29, 2011

practical ideas

In a response on The Economic Collapse blog, a reader, William gives the following common-sense ideas for improving our economy:
  • End the unnecessary wars.
  • Cut the DOD budget by $50 Billion a year for five years.
  • Bring all American military back to the USA.
  • Increase the monthly Medicare Part B premium to $250 a month (now about $115); there are NO freebies in life. (I'd add that this can be income/means based)
  • Raise the amount of income that is Social Security taxable.
  • Go back to the 39.6% top marginal tax bracket.
  • Reduce the federal workforce by 20%, or more.
  • End the tax subsidies to highly profitable industries.
  • End all foreign aid.
Of course, none of these will happen. America is dying, or already dead.

I have to say, these are excellent ideas. Sadly, they will never be implemented because of foolish politicians whose only concern is kicking the can down the road and getting re-elected.

I would add:
  • End all "free trade" agreements — now. Bring those jobs back to the US.
  • End corporate welfare to companies that ship jobs overseas.
  • Dissolve the Federal Reserve. It's immoral, obscene and against what our founding fathers believed in.

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